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Rule 4.10.002

Vehicle Parking Policy

The parking, storage, and presence of any kind of vehicle, including without limitation, unused and inoperable vehicles, is governed by the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (Covenants) and may be regulated consistent with Covenants and the Homeowners Association Act, Chapter 64.38 Revised Code of Washington.  The Covenants are intended to enhance and protect the value, desirability, and attractiveness of the neighborhood.  The prolonged presence and/or open storage of vehicles of any kind, in the neighborhood can be unattractive if not properly maintained.  This policy is adopted to prevent the prolonged presence of vehicles from becoming an unattractive annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.

Inoperable Vehicle.  An inoperable vehicle refers to a vehicle that, due to its physical condition, including without limitation damaged body parts, engine failure or the failure or inoperability of other mechanisms or parts essential to the actual operation of the vehicle, is not capable of being driven, or cannot be safely driven.  Additional factors used for determining whether a vehicle is in an inoperable state or condition include without limitation flat tire(s), being on stands or other materials which prop it up, significant amounts of foreign material resting on the vehicle (for example, pine needles, leaves, bird droppings, etc.) which would indicate to a reasonable person that it has not been used for more than 60 days, being covered with a material or tarp in a manner or for a length of time that indicates it is inoperable as it stands, and any other factors that would lead a reasonable person to conclude the vehicle is inoperable.

Unused Vehicle.  An unused vehicle refers to a vehicle that is operable from a mechanical standpoint, but is not being used on a regular basis by an Owner or guest of an Owner, or which cannot be legally operated on public roads due to being unlicensed. A vehicle with license tabs that have been expired longer than thirty (30) days shall be deemed unused.   Upon request by the FHOA, the owner must provide proof of current license, registration and driveability of any vehicle(s) in question in a timely manner.

Any vehicle for which this information is not provided will be considered Unused for the purposes of this rule. 

Parking and Storage of Vehicles.  No Owner shall permit any vehicle which is in inoperable or unused to be parked and/or stored outside any Lot or upon any street adjoining any Lot or Common Area.