Welcome To Fancher Heights


Come back in the fall for more details

Welcome to fancherheights.org

We hope this website can simplify information access and communication for homeowners in Fancher Heights.

Here on the website owners can submit for projects, fill out compliance issue forms, and communicate with the Board and Committee members, access the CCR’s and Design Guidelines and receive news and announcements.

Our Association covers all homes on Enchantment View, Grand Ave, Monument Place, Sunrise Place, Twin Peaks View and many homes on Fancher Heights Blvd that are south of Herndon Drive with some exceptions (see map below).

Homes on Fancher Heights Blvd include 2208, 2212, 2216, 2220, 2224, 2228, 2232 and all homes between 2236-2343 Fancher Heights Blvd.


Fancher Heights Homeowners Association Update 

HOA annual dues will be $250 for 2024 and are reevaluated each year at the annual meeting to determine if they need to be adjusted. The majority of your HOA dues goes towards the maintenance and upkeep of the common areas.

HOA dues are due March 15th for the calendar year. 

HOA fees received after March 31st will incur a $50 late fee and an additional $50 for each successive calendar month past due.

Dues can be sent to:
Fancher Heights Owners Association
2472 Twin Peaks View
East Wenatchee WA 98802


This helps in distributing any information we need to get out in a timely manner, especially situations such as this where we have important information to distribute in a relatively short time frame.  It will be cheaper for the association in related expenses and materials required to do it by USPS.  It will also be much less time consuming for the volunteer board members now and in the future.

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